When use this service

If you consider to apply HMB response to an emergency e.g.:

  • Occupational accident involving direct contact with chemicals
  • First responder to a chemical incident became a victim of chemical exposure
  • Patient admitted to hospital with symptoms and known or suspected chemical exposure
  • Industrial disaster with potential impact for the general population


What you can (already) do

  1. Call 112 to activate regular first response and/or trained in-company first responders
  2. Contact your national or regional poisons center to see how they can support you
  3. Involve the physician who is responsible for medical treatment of the victims
  4. Send an e-mail to emergency@humanbiologicalmonitoring.eu


What you can expect we do

HBM Emergency brings you in contact with experts HBM European Network. They will support you with the required professional guidance and technical information

Previous use of HBM in chemical incidents was published in a Special Issue of Toxicology Letters. Most of the authors are experts involved in the HBM European Network. Some of these experts were involved in the HBM response to the Wetteren incident in Belgium (see https://www.wiv-isp.be/Documents/Scientific%20brochure%2012-13/ISP_THEME3_ARTICLE_Acrylonitrile%20Exposure%20Wetteren.pdf ) To find out more register as a professional user.